Congrats on Number Six


Pic of me after Super Bowl XL

Pic of me after Super Bowl XL

Been awhile. I’ve been swamped. 


Anyway, was that not a great Super Bowl? Of course, I’m going to say that as a Steeler fan, but it actually was a really good game. My heart fell out of my chest about six times. I can’t describe how angered I was after that safety. And then Fitzgerald – I mean, what a beast! In my opinion, he is the best wide out in the whole league. He didn’t do anything until the second half. Then, he torched the Steelers twice.

After that game-winning touchdown (what a ridiculous catch and throw!), I was literally on the floor with tears streaming down my face. I had gone through so much emotionally cheering in that game, it was nasty. So, Holmes, congrats on a great catch and the MVP. He certainly deserved it. Nine catches, 131 yards is beastly. He didn’t drop a ball all game. He was hands-down the most consistent player on the field.

O and talk about that Harrison 100-yard interception return for touchdown! That may go down as one of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history. If the Cards score there, they go up 4 into half-time. Instead, the Steelers go up 10! What a swing by the NFL’s defensive player of the year! Not a better story out there and I have enjoyed seeing him rise from being an undrafted free agent. Congrats Harrison on saving the game.

Congrats Ben for all the heartache you have caused me and shining when I doubted you could. You pulled through and made some ridiculous plays. That might be the most accurate I’ve seen him.

Congrats Kurt Warner and the Cards. And Fitzgerald. Not a more quality or classy team in the league. I hope you get back and win (just not against my boys!). Congrats Mike Tomlin – youngest coach ever to win a Super Bowl. Congrats Pittsburgh for taking three years off my life. The whole season, every game, down to the wire – trying to lose, but somehow coming out on top. (I still don’t know how they did it – all dadgum season!)

Six in the case. I’m proud to be a fan. I’ve seen some nasty, but I’ve seen a lot more beautiful.

Congrats Steelers on winning Super Bowl XLIII – two in four years!


~ by tpodge on February 3, 2009.

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