And the oscars are wrong again…

slumdog_posterI cannot stand Sean Penn. He is my least favorite actor ever. He is a bad actor, who cannot do anything without pushing his agenda. I am shocked that the Academy gave him best actor, but at the same time, I guess I am not too surprised. The Academy has a history of giving awards to undeserving individuals only to push their own Hollywood progressivism. Yes, Penn won solely because he played a gay man. Mickey Rourke, Frank Langella and Richard Jenkins were all better than Penn in their roles.

To further the Hollywood progressivism (that we are all supposed to buy into as the “it” or “cool” thing), the Academy selected “Slumdog Millioniare” for Best Picture. As I said, I love this movie, but it was not the most well-made movie of the year (that was undoubtedly “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”). Hollywood wants us to think this is the best movie of the year to broaden our minds, which I agree that Slumdog does. But that is not the point of the award. 

I love foreign cinema, but I consider the Academy Awards to be strictly American, so I don’t like to see a foreign pic (albeit a British one) win best picture. O well, congrats to Slumdog, who turned in a great movie and basically swept the awards.

And look at best original screenplay. Another gay rights pushing from Hollywood (not to mention the poor loser and his acceptance speech). Tell someone who cares, honestly.

So, I was 16 of 19 in my guesses. That’s not bad. Better than I did last year. I’m glad to see Hollywood get cinematography right. And best director. Anthony Dod Mantle and Danny Boyle have collaborated in some great stuff over the years, and I couldn’t be happier to see them grab awards on their best work for the same movie.

Nothing else too shocking in the awards. Who cares about the presentation? I only care about who wins what. Sadly, Hollywood can’t seem to get it right sometimes.

Congrats Slumdog. Apologies Mickey Rourke. Apologies Bruce Springsteen. Apologies Benjamin Button. Apologies David Fincher (you will be back, I know it).


~ by tpodge on February 23, 2009.

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